When and why change the mattress?


Sleeping is a routine action and like any habit, resting on a specific mattress, even if old, means that the body adapts, without realizing that perhaps it is time to change the mattress.

But how do you realize that a mattress is worn?

It is certainly necessary to see if the mattress has outwardly depressions or bumps; but if this does not occur it is not said that internally the materials have not suffered deterioration. The health and hygiene aspect should not be underestimated, especially if the mattress has exceeded ten years of life.

But above all, if you wake up repeatedly during the night, or get up in the morning tired, with back, neck and limb pains: these are all signs that should not be underestimated.

How long does a mattress last?

There is no absolute life for a mattress. Its longevity depends on many factors: first and foremost the quality of the product, but also the frequency of use, the build of those who rest there and the maintenance that is performed both on the mattress and on the room in general.

On average, however, we can say that a good quality mattress lasts about ten years.

Why do I need to change a mattress?

If outwardly it has protuberances, depressions, and irregularities or sagging in the structure and in its support.

If your sleep is interrupted during the night and you start to have pain in your back, neck, and limbs: to avoid further health consequences, you definitely need to change the mattress.

How to take care of the mattress?

– From time to time lift the mattress from the structure, remove excess dust. This facilitates maximum transpiration and air circulation.

– Turn the mattress head-to-foot and twice a year, at each change of season, place it upside down. In this way, localized wear phenomena are avoided and any depression in the area on which it rests most is prevented.

– Use a good slatted frame. The ergonomic support is essential for a good performance of the mattress. To prolong the longevity and comfort of the mattress, it is necessary for the slatted frame to be perfectly horizontal, without the failure of some boards.

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