The right mattress for zones slatted frame and adjustable frame


Every slatted frame, regardless of its type, must support the mattress. On the other hand, the mattress must have properties compatible with the slatted frame, so that together they can form a perfect sleep system with an ergonomically effective effect. They do this by using ergonomic zones to respond to the physical needs of the sleeper. It is therefore important that the mattress and slatted frame have the same zones and thus the same body support functions in specific areas of the body. The spring wood frame, slats, and frame are available in different versions for different body types and sleeping positions.

Regarding the adjustability of slatted frames, the choice of mattresses is already more difficult. A rigid slatted frame is ideal for any mattress. However, with height-adjustable frames, the mattresses must be able to go with any setting. This does not succeed in every mattress type. Various flexible mattresses made of cold foam, visco or other foam as well as the particularly point-elastic natural latex is ideal for an adjustable slatted frame. Although spring mattresses also have a good point elasticity, the metal springs of pocket spring core, structurally suitable for height adjustment with a height adjustable slatted frame.

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Please note slatted frame types when buying

When buying a slatted frame you should first consider which type of slatted frame is suitable for you. The spring wood frame and spring strip frame ensure good ergonomics and support. Who wants more personalized body support should choose a modern slat frame or plate frame. Especially plate modules are extremely flexible and adapt to any movement during sleep. They adapt wonderfully and cause high-pressure relief.

A roll bar stabilizes you and is particularly advantageous if you need a quick and easy sleeping or even save space. Note, however, that it should be screwed better to the bedstead for a good grip.

Do you enjoy putting your feet up in the evening or reading a few more chapters in bed? Then a manually or electrically height-adjustable frame is right for you. Motor frames are the more convenient option via radio remote control or cable handset. They usually offer more or finer adjustments.